Co-design / Co-creation


  • To get an understanding of how satisfied your stakeholders or customers are, and to find out what they want from future products or services.
  • To get stakeholders or users involved so that everyone’s needs are met. 
  • To work on ideas and build on solutions.

When To Run This

  • You need to run a workshop to get the views of your internal or external stakeholders (including end users).
  • You have a matter that needs to be clarified by both stakeholders and subject experts before the project can move forward.


1.5 - 3 hours


  • A clear idea on what you want to co-create


  • A team of stakeholders
  • A4 paper
  • Post-it notes
  • Templates
  • Craft materials, depending on the activities you’re running



  • Set your goals and plan what you want to create during the workshop.

  • Choose your team based on your goals. For example:

    1. Objective: You want to understand what your target audience needs.
    2. Team: Diverse end-users.
    3. Objective: To get support or approval for a project from your clients by involving them in the design process.
    4. Team: The decision-makers from your client group.
    5. Objective: Your clients wants to understand their end-users.
      Team: Your clients and a range of end-users.
      We recommend this option because it means the people driving the innovation can see what their end-users actually need.

Action It:Action It:

  • Brief your team. Go through the background of the project so that everyone is on the same page.

  • Split them up into smaller groups if you have a large number of people.

  • Run activities that lead you to the results you want.

    1. If your project is in the ‘Explore’ state, you can do Current State Journey MappingCurrent State Storyboarding, and Goal Trees.
    2. If your project is in the ‘Make’ state, choose ones that focus on your areas of interest, for example: Rapid IdeationFuture State Storyboarding, or Rapid Prototyping.
  • Record your work during or after the workshop.

  • Write up your “parking lot”. This is a list that includes any questions or decisions that weren’t addressed in the workshop.

Next Steps:Next Steps:

  • Summarise the results of the workshop and share them with your team to keep everyone engaged. 



  • It’s important that everyone feels comfortable giving their views.


It's Going Well When:

  • Everyone is contributing

Watch Out For:

  • Some people being swayed by louder ones or seniors - make sure to ask the quiet people to share their opinion first