• To sell your idea.
  • To make the value proposition clear.

When To Run This

You need support from other stakeholders to bring your idea to life.


~1 hour


  • An idea or innovation
  • Prototype (ideally)


  • Elevator Pitch template


  • Markers
  • Post-its
  • Sticky dots




  • Have an idea or innovation. It can be fully developed or in its early stages.

  • Prepare the Elevator Pitch template. If you’re doing a collaborative session (and we recommend that you do), print it on a large piece of paper for your team to fill out. 

    1. The Elevator Pitch template:
      FOR ____[ target audience]___
      WHO_____[has a need]________
      OUR [INNOVATION] IS ______[market category]______
      THAT _____[one key benefit]____
      UNLIKE ____[competition]_______
      OUR [INNOVATION] ____[key differentiator]____

Action It:Action It:

  • Choose a team of diverse people if you’re doing a collaborative session.

  • Fill in the template individually.

  • Share your pitch statements with the team one at a time.

  • Align them as a team. Discuss and choose the most compelling parts from each one.

  • Combine them on a new template.

  • Check that it makes sense. Take turns presenting the combined and revised pitch statement to each other.

Next Steps:Next Steps:

  • Create a pitch deck to go with a more detailed presentation, by using the points in your statement as a guide. Keep it simple and concise.

  • Pitch the idea to your stakeholders.  Focus on ‘showing’ and not just ‘telling’. E.g. if you have a Prototype, give a demonstration to show its potential.

  • Get feedback. Ask the audience how the pitch went, and how you could improve on your innovation proposal.



When you’re designing the pitch deck, consider the Elon Musk pitching method, which balances describing the problem statement with getting people excited about the outcome. [Link]



It's Going Well When:

  • You can explain your idea to anyone.

Watch Out For:

  • Too much detail - Focus on selling the idea, go back to the points in your Elevator Pitch